dpns_seterrbuf man page

DPNS_SETERRBUF(3)           DPNS Library Functions           DPNS_SETERRBUF(3)

      dpns_seterrbuf - set receiving buffer for error messages

      [1mint dpns_seterrbuf (char *[4m[22mbuffer[24m[1m, int [4m[22mbuflen[24m[1m)[0m

      [1mdpns_seterrbuf  [22mtells  the  name  server client API the address and the
      size of the buffer to be used for error messages. If  this  routine  is
      not called or if [4mbuffer[24m is NULL, the messages are printed on [1mstderr[22m.

      This  routine  returns  0  if the operation was successful or -1 if the
      operation failed. In the latter case, [1mserrno [22mis set appropriately.

      [1mENOMEM       [22mmemory could not be  allocated  for  the  thread  specific

      [1mLCG Grid Deployment [22mTeam

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