dpm_getpoolfs man page

DPM_GETPOOLFS(3)             DPM Library Functions            DPM_GETPOOLFS(3)

      dpm_getpoolfs - get list of filesystems for a given pool

      [1m#include <sys/types.h>[0m
      [1m#include "dpm_api.h"[0m

      [1mint dpm_getpoolfs (char *[4m[22mpoolname[24m[1m, int *[4m[22mnbfs[24m[1m, struct dpm_fs **[4m[22mdpm_fs[24m[1m)[0m

      [1mdpm_getpoolfs [22mgets list of filesystems for a given pool.

      The input argument is:

             specifies   the   disk   pool   name  previously  defined  using

      The output arguments are:

      [4mnbfs[24m   will be set to the number of replies in the  array  of  filesys-

      [4mdpm_fs[24m will  be  set  to  the  address of an array of dpm_fs structures
             allocated by the API. The client application is responsible  for
             freeing the array when not needed anymore.

      struct dpm_fs {
           char      poolname[CA_MAXPOOLNAMELEN+1];
           char      server[CA_MAXHOSTNAMELEN+1];
           char      fs[80];
           u_signed64     capacity;
           u_signed64     free;
           int       status;
           int       weight;

      This  routine  returns  0  if the operation was successful or -1 if the
      operation failed. In the latter case, [1mserrno [22mis set appropriately.

      [1mEFAULT       [4m[22mpoolname[24m, [4mnbfs[24m or [4mdpm_fs[24m is a NULL pointer.

      [1mENOMEM       [22mMemory could not be allocated for storing the reply.

      [1mEINVAL       [22mThe pool is unknown or  the  length  of  [4mpoolname[24m  exceeds

      [1mSENOSHOST    [22mHost unknown.

      [1mSECOMERR     [22mCommunication error.

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