dictRemove man page

dictRemove — remove item from dictionary.


#include <util/dict.h>
BOOL dictRemove(dictCtx dict, const char *id);


dict - dictionary to search in.
id - identifier of item to remove.


Removes item identified by <id> from <dict>.

MT-Level: Safe if <dict> thread-safe.

See Also

dictDestroy(3), dictCleanup(3), dictReleaseLock(3), dictRemove(3), dictNext(3), dictCreate(3), dictSetValue(3), dictModifyValue(3), dictSearch

Referenced By

dictCleanup(3), dictCreate(3), dictDestroy(3), dictModifyValue(3), dictNext(3), dictReleaseLock(3), dictSearch(3), dictSetValue(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver util/dict.h