dictCreate - Man Page

create new dictionary.


#include <util/dict.h>
NEOERR *dictCreate(dictCtx *dict, BOOL threaded, UINT32 root, UINT32 maxLevel, 
    UINT32 flushLimit, BOOL useCase, 
    dictFreeValueFunc freeValue, void *freeRock);


threaded - true if list should be thread-safe.
root - performance parameter (see above).
maxLevel - performance parameter (see above).
flushLimit - max deleted items to keep cached before
forcing a flush.
useCase - true to be case sensitive in identifiers
freeValue - callback when freeing a value
freeRock - context for freeValue callback


Returns a dictionary.  If <threaded> is true, list is multi-thread safe.  <root>, <maxLevel>, and <flushLimit> act as for skipNewList() (see skiplist.h)

MT-Level: Safe.

Return Value


See Also

dictDestroy(3), dictCleanup(3), dictReleaseLock(3), dictRemove(3), dictNext(3), dictCreate(3), dictSetValue(3), dictModifyValue(3), dictSearch

Referenced By

dictCleanup(3), dictDestroy(3), dictModifyValue(3), dictNext(3), dictReleaseLock(3), dictRemove(3), dictSearch(3), dictSetValue(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver util/dict.h