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Detail Classes



class SoConeDetail
The SoConeDetail class contains information about the parts of a SoCone shape.
class SoCubeDetail
The SoCubeDetail class contains information about the parts of a SoCube shape.
class SoCylinderDetail
The SoCylinderDetail class contains information about the parts of a SoCylinder shape.
class SoDetail
The SoDetail class is the superclass for all classes storing detailed information about particular shapes.
class SoFaceDetail
The SoFaceDetail class is for storing detailed polygon information.
class SoLineDetail
The SoLineDetail class is for storing detailed 3D line information.
class SoNodeKitDetail
The SoNodeKitDetail class is yet to be documented.
class SoPointDetail
The SoPointDetail class is for storing detailed information for a single 3D point.
class SoTextDetail
The SoTextDetail stores information about a character in a string.
class SoDetailList
The SoDetailList class is a container for pointers to SoDetail objects.

Detailed Description

Detail classes are objects that deliver additional information wherever the SoPrimitiveVertex class is used. This goes for ray picking results, and it also goes for primitive generation by SoShape classes for the SoCallbackAction class and fallback shape rendering through primitive generation (a useful debugging trick when debugging for instance raypicking).


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