desc_extension.h man page

lib/include/libdvbv5/desc_extension.h — Provides the descriptors for the extension descriptor.


#include <libdvbv5/descriptors.h>

Data Structures

struct dvb_extension_descriptor
Structure containing the extended descriptors.
struct dvb_ext_descriptor
Structure that describes the parser functions for the extended descriptors.


typedef int(* dvb_desc_ext_init_func) (struct dvb_v5_fe_parms *parms, const uint8_t *buf, struct dvb_extension_descriptor *ext, void *desc)
Function prototype for the extended descriptors parsing init code.
typedef void(* dvb_desc_ext_print_func) (struct dvb_v5_fe_parms *parms, const struct dvb_extension_descriptor *ext, const void *desc)
Function prototype for the extended descriptors parsing print code.
typedef void(* dvb_desc_ext_free_func) (const void *desc)
Function prototype for the extended descriptors parsing free code.


enum extension_descriptors { image_icon_descriptor, cpcm_delivery_signalling_descriptor, CP_descriptor, CP_identifier_descriptor, T2_delivery_system_descriptor, SH_delivery_system_descriptor, supplementary_audio_descriptor, network_change_notify_descriptor, message_descriptor, target_region_descriptor, target_region_name_descriptor, service_relocated_descriptor } List containing all extended descriptors used by Digital TV MPEG-TS as defined at ETSI EN 300 468 V1.11.1. "


int dvb_extension_descriptor_init (struct dvb_v5_fe_parms *parms, const uint8_t *buf, struct dvb_desc *desc)
Initializes and parses the extended descriptor.
void dvb_extension_descriptor_print (struct dvb_v5_fe_parms *parms, const struct dvb_desc *desc)
Prints the content of the extended descriptor.
void dvb_extension_descriptor_free (struct dvb_desc *desc)
Frees all data allocated by the extended descriptor.

Detailed Description

Provides the descriptors for the extension descriptor.

The extension descriptor is used to extend the 8-bit namespace of the descriptor_tag field.


GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)


Mauro Carvalho Chehab

Relevant specs

The descriptor described herein is defined at:

See also:

ETSI EN 300 468 V1.11.1

Bug Report

Please submit bug reports and patches to linux-media@vger.kernel.org

Definition in file desc_extension.h.


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