dbh_regen_sweep man page


dbh_regen_sweep, dbh_regen_fanout, dbh_settempdir — make physical structure of the DBHashTable congruent with logical structure


#include <dbh.h>

DBHashTable *dbh_regen_sweep (DBHashTable *dbh);
DBHashTable *dbh_regen_fanout (DBHashTable *dbh);
int dbh_settempdir (DBHashTable *dbh, char *temp_dir);


Regenerate the DBHashTable eliminating erased records and optimizing disk access and speed for  sweep access using dbh_regen_sweep and for fanout access using dbh_regen_fanout. This is done by creating a new DBHashTable where the physical structure matches the logical structure. The temporary directory where the new DBHashTable is created may be set with  dbh_settempdir().  Current DBHashTable is closed before removed. New DBHashTable is opened after renamed.

Return Value

A pointer to the new DBHashTable.

See Also

dbh (0), dbh_sweep (3), dbh_fanout (3), dbh_foreach_sweep (3), dbh_foreach_fanout (3),


Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott@xfce.org>

Referenced By

dbh(3), dbh_erase(3), dbh_sweep(3).

The man pages dbh_regen_fanout(3) and dbh_settempdir(3) are aliases of dbh_regen_sweep(3).

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