dbh_open man page


dbh_open, dbh_openR, dbh_create — open or create a new DBHashTable


#include <dbh.h>

DBHashTable *dbh_open(constchar*path);
DBHashTable *dbh_openR(constchar*path);
DBHashTable *dbh_create (const char *path, unsigned char key_length);


dbh_open () opens an existing DBHashTable at path in read/write mode while dbh_openR () will open in read-only mode. To create, initialize and open a new DBHashTable in read/write mode, dbh_create () is used. key_length is the fixed length of the record access key and  must be less than 256. This only need be specified when the DBHashTable is created and initialized.

Return Value

On  success,  a pointer to a newly initialized and open DBHashTable or NULL if it fails (and errno is set appropriately).


This function will overwrite any file with the specified path including any previous DBH file. Cuantified  keys assure that large DBHashes are spread out optimally.

See Also

dbh (0), dbh_open (3), dbh_openR (3), dbh_close (3), dbh_destroy (3), dbh_genkey (3)


Edscott Wilson Garcia <edscott@xfce.org>

Referenced By

dbh(3), dbh_close(3).

The man pages dbh_create(3) and dbh_open_ro(3) are aliases of dbh_open(3).

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