curl_ws_recv - Man Page

receive WebSocket data


#include <curl/easy.h>

CURLcode curl_ws_recv(CURL *curl, void *buffer, size_t buflen,
                      size_t *recv, struct curl_ws_frame **meta);


This function call is EXPERIMENTAL.

Retrieves as much as possible of a received WebSocket data fragment into the buffer, but not more than buflen bytes. recv is set to the number of bytes actually stored.

If there is more fragment data to deliver than what fits in the provided buffer, libcurl returns a full buffer and the application needs to call this function again to continue draining the buffer.

The meta pointer gets set to point to a struct curl_ws_frame that contains information about the received data. See the curl_ws_meta(3) for details on that struct.



Added in 7.86.0.

Return Value

See Also

curl_easy_setopt(3), curl_easy_perform(3), curl_easy_getinfo(3), curl_ws_send(3)

Referenced By

CURLOPT_WS_OPTIONS(3), curl_ws_meta(3), curl_ws_send(3).

October 03, 2022 libcurl 7.86.0 libcurl Manual