curl_mime_headers - Man Page

set a mime part's custom headers


#include <curl/curl.h>

CURLcode curl_mime_headers(curl_mimepart * part, struct curl_slist * headers, int take_ownership);


curl_mime_headers(3) sets a mime part's custom headers.

part is the part's handle to assign the custom headers list to.

headers is the head of a list of custom headers; it may be set to NULL to remove a previously attached custom header list.

take_ownership: when non-zero, causes the list to be freed upon replacement or mime structure deletion; in this case the list must not be freed explicitly.

Setting a part's custom headers list twice is valid: only the value set by the last call is retained.


 struct curl_slist *headers = NULL;

 headers = curl_slist_append(headers, "Custom-Header: mooo");

 /* use these headers, please take ownership */
 curl_mime_headers(part, headers, TRUE);

 /* pass on this data */
 curl_mime_data(part, "12345679", CURL_ZERO_TERMINATED);

 /* set name */
 curl_mime_name(part, "numbers");


As long as at least one of HTTP, SMTP or IMAP is enabled. Added in 7.56.0.

Return Value

CURLE_OK or a CURL error code upon failure.

See Also


Referenced By

curl_mime_addpart(3), curl_mime_encoder(3), libcurl-tutorial(3).

October 25, 2021 libcurl 7.80.0 libcurl Manual