curl_mime_free - Man Page

free a previously built mime structure


#include <curl/curl.h>

void curl_mime_free(curl_mime *mime);


curl_mime_free(3) is used to clean up data previously built/appended with curl_mime_addpart(3) and other mime-handling functions.  This must be called when the data has been used, which typically means after curl_easy_perform(3) has been called.

The handle to free is the one you passed to the CURLOPT_MIMEPOST(3) option: attached subparts mime structures must not be explicitly freed as they are by the top structure freeing.

mime is the handle as returned from a previous call to curl_mime_init(3) and may be NULL.

Passing in a NULL pointer in mime will make this function return immediately with no action.


As long as at least one of HTTP, SMTP or IMAP is enabled. Added in 7.56.0.

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curl_formfree(3), curl_mime_init(3), libcurl-tutorial(3).

November 05, 2020 libcurl 7.79.0 libcurl Manual