cs_parse_file - Man Page

parse a CS template file


#include <cs/cs.h>
NEOERR *cs_parse_file (CSPARSE *parse, const char *path);


parse - a CSPARSE structure created with cs_init
path - the path to the file to parse


cs_parse_file will parse the CS template located at path.  It will use hdf_search_path() if path does not begin with a '/'.  The parsed CS template will be appended to the current parse tree stored in the CSPARSE structure.  The entire file is loaded into memory and parsed in place.

Return Value


See Also

cs_dump(3), cs_destroy(3), cs_render(3), cs_register_esc_strfunc(3), cs_arg_parsev(3), cs_register_fileload(3), cs_init(3), cs_register_strfunc(3), cs_arg_parse(3), cs_parse_string(3), cs_parse_file(3), =(3), cs_register_function

Referenced By

cs_destroy(3), cs_dump(3), cs_init(3), cs_parse_string(3), cs_register_esc_strfunc(3), cs_register_fileload(3), cs_register_strfunc(3), cs_render(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver cs/cs.h