cs_destroy - Man Page

clean up and dealloc a parse tree


#include <cs/cs.h>
void cs_destroy (CSPARSE **parse);


parse - a pointer to a parse structure.


cs_destroy will clean up all the memory associated with a CSPARSE structure, including strings passed to cs_parse_string.  This does not clean up any memory allocated by your own CSOUTFUNC or the HDF data structure passed to cs_init.  It is safe to call this with a NULL pointer, and it will leave parse NULL as well (ie, it can be called more than once on the same var)

Return Value

parse - will be NULL

See Also

cs_dump(3), cs_destroy(3), cs_render(3), cs_register_esc_strfunc(3), cs_arg_parsev(3), cs_register_fileload(3), cs_init(3), cs_register_strfunc(3), cs_arg_parse(3), cs_parse_string(3), cs_parse_file(3), =(3), cs_register_function

Referenced By

cs_dump(3), cs_init(3), cs_parse_file(3), cs_parse_string(3), cs_register_esc_strfunc(3), cs_register_fileload(3), cs_register_strfunc(3), cs_render(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver cs/cs.h