cpuid_tool - Man Page


cpuid_tool ā€” Command line interface to libcpuid.




Veselin Georgiev

This file is provides a direct interface to libcpuid. See the usage() function (or just run the program with the `--help' switch) for a short command line options reference.

This file has several purposes:

  1. When started with no arguments, the program outputs the RAW and decoded CPU data to files (`raw.txt' and `report.txt', respectively) ā€” this is intended to be a dumb, doubleclicky tool for non-developer users, that can provide debug info about unrecognized processors to libcpuid developers.
  2. When operated from the terminal with the `--report' option, it is a generic CPU-info utility.
  3. Can be used in shell scripts, e.g. to get the name of the CPU, cache sizes, features, with query options like `--cache', `--brandstr', etc.
  4. Finally, it serves to self-document libcpiud itself :)


Version 0.6.4 libcpuid