cowboy_spdy man page

cowboy_spdy — SPDY protocol


The cowboy_spdy module implements SPDY/3 as a Ranch protocol.


opts() = [Option]

Option = {env, cowboy_middleware:env()}
        | {middlewares, [module()]}
        | {onresponse, cowboy:onresponse_fun()}

Configuration for the SPDY protocol handler.

This configuration is passed to Cowboy when starting listeners using the cowboy:start_spdy/4 function.

It can be updated without restarting listeners using the Ranch functions ranch:get_protocol_options/1 and ranch:set_protocol_options/2.

Option Descriptions

The default value is given next to the option name.

env ([{listener, Ref}])

Initial middleware environment.

middlewares ([cowboy_router, cowboy_handler])

List of middlewares to execute for every requests.

onresponse (undefined)

Fun called every time a response is sent.