cmciConnect man page

cmciConnect() — Create a CMCIClient object and connection


#include <cmci.h>




Create a CMCIClient object and initialize it with the CIMOM connection  hostname and port, the security credentials to log into the CIMOM, and the internals for sending requests and receiving responses from the CIMOM.

Arguments are the hostName and hostPort to connect, the  CimUsername and CimPassword credentials for authentication  with the CIMOM, and a pointer to an object to receive the CMPIStatus operation status.

The function cmciConnect2 has the same purpose but offers extra parameters to control SSL operations.

verifyMode specifies whether the server certificate for an SSL connection is to be verified. If set to CMCI_VERIFY_NONE the server ceritificat will not be verified, if set to CMCI_VERIFY_PEER it will be verified agains the certificates in trustStore.

trustStore contains the name of a file containing CA or client certificates against which the server certificate will be verified if verifyMode is set to CMCI_VERIFY_PEER.

certFile specifies the name of a file containing a client certificate which will be presented to the CIM server, if the CIM server implements certificate-based client authentication. Must be set to NULL, if no client certificates are available.

keyFile specifies the name of a file containing the private key  for the certificate specified via certFile.  Must be set to NULL, if no client certificates are available.

Return Value

When successful the cmciConnect function returns a pointer to a  dynamically allocated and initialized CMCIClient object with a successful operation status code set. When unsuccessful it returns NULL and sets rc object with the error code and corresponding error string.



   CMCIClient *cc;

   /* Setup a local conncetion to the CIMOM */   
   cc = cmciConnect("localhost", NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);

Conforming to

See Also

Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) - OpenGroup,
CMCIClient(3), CMPIStatus(3)

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