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subroutine clarz (SIDE, M, N, L, V, INCV, TAU, C, LDC, WORK)
CLARZ applies an elementary reflector (as returned by stzrzf) to a general matrix.

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine clarz (character SIDE, integer M, integer N, integer L, complex, dimension( * ) V, integer INCV, complex TAU, complex, dimension( ldc, * ) C, integer LDC, complex, dimension( * ) WORK)

CLARZ applies an elementary reflector (as returned by stzrzf) to a general matrix.  


 CLARZ applies a complex elementary reflector H to a complex
 M-by-N matrix C, from either the left or the right. H is represented
 in the form

       H = I - tau * v * v**H

 where tau is a complex scalar and v is a complex vector.

 If tau = 0, then H is taken to be the unit matrix.

 To apply H**H (the conjugate transpose of H), supply conjg(tau) instead

 H is a product of k elementary reflectors as returned by CTZRZF.


          SIDE is CHARACTER*1
          = 'L': form  H * C
          = 'R': form  C * H


          M is INTEGER
          The number of rows of the matrix C.


          N is INTEGER
          The number of columns of the matrix C.


          L is INTEGER
          The number of entries of the vector V containing
          the meaningful part of the Householder vectors.
          If SIDE = 'L', M >= L >= 0, if SIDE = 'R', N >= L >= 0.


          V is COMPLEX array, dimension (1+(L-1)*abs(INCV))
          The vector v in the representation of H as returned by
          CTZRZF. V is not used if TAU = 0.


          INCV is INTEGER
          The increment between elements of v. INCV <> 0.


          TAU is COMPLEX
          The value tau in the representation of H.


          C is COMPLEX array, dimension (LDC,N)
          On entry, the M-by-N matrix C.
          On exit, C is overwritten by the matrix H * C if SIDE = 'L',
          or C * H if SIDE = 'R'.


          LDC is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array C. LDC >= max(1,M).


          WORK is COMPLEX array, dimension
                         (N) if SIDE = 'L'
                      or (M) if SIDE = 'R'

Univ. of Tennessee

Univ. of California Berkeley

Univ. of Colorado Denver

NAG Ltd.


December 2016


A. Petitet, Computer Science Dept., Univ. of Tenn., Knoxville, USA

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