ck_ring_capacity - Man Page

returns number of pointer slots in bounded FIFO


Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)


#include <ck_ring.h>

unsigned int
ck_ring_capacity(ck_ring_t *ring);


The ck_ring_capacity(3) function returns the number of pointers that can be held in the buffer pointed to by ring. Note that a ring can only hold ck_ring_capacity(3) minus one entries at a time.

See Also

ck_ring_init(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spmc(3), ck_ring_dequeue_spmc(3), ck_ring_trydequeue_spmc(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spmc_size(3), ck_ring_dequeue_spsc(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spsc(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spsc_size(3), ck_ring_size(3)

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Referenced By

ck_ring_dequeue_spmc(3), ck_ring_dequeue_spsc(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spmc(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spmc_size(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spsc(3), ck_ring_enqueue_spsc_size(3), ck_ring_init(3), ck_ring_size(3), ck_ring_trydequeue_spmc(3).

April 20, 2013