ck_array_deinit man page

ck_array_deinit ā€” destroy and deinitialize a pointer array


Concurrency Kit (libck, -lck)


#include <ck_array.h>

ck_array_deinit(ck_array_t *array, bool defer);


The ck_array_deinit(3) destroys the memory associated with the array pointed to by array. The defer argument is true if the allocator must destroy the memory using safe memory reclamation or false if the allocator can destroy this memory immediately.

Return Values

This function has no return value.

See Also

ck_array_commit(3), ck_array_put(3), ck_array_put_unique(3), ck_array_remove(3), ck_array_init(3) ck_array_length(3), ck_array_buffer(3), ck_array_initialized(3), CK_ARRAY_FOREACH(3)

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Referenced By

ck_array_buffer(3), ck_array_commit(3), CK_ARRAY_FOREACH(3), ck_array_init(3), ck_array_initialized(3), ck_array_length(3), ck_array_put(3), ck_array_put_unique(3), ck_array_remove(3).

October 18, 2013