cgiwrap_iterenv - Man Page

iterater for env vars


#include <cgi/cgiwrap.h>
NEOERR *cgiwrap_iterenv (int n, char **k, char **v);


n - variable to return.  This should start at 0 and increment
until you receive a NULL return value.


cgiwrap_iterenv allows a program to iterate over all the environment variables.  This is probably mostly used by the default debug output.

Return Value

k - a malloc'd copy of the variable name
v - a malloc'd copy of the variable value

See Also

cgiwrap_iterenv(3), cgiwrap_putenv(3), cgiwrap_init_emu(3), cgiwrap_writef(3), cgiwrap_init_std(3), cgiwrap_writevf(3), cgiwrap_read(3), cgiwrap_write(3), cgiwrap_getenv

Referenced By

cgiwrap_getenv(3), cgiwrap_init_emu(3), cgiwrap_init_std(3), cgiwrap_putenv(3), cgiwrap_read(3), cgiwrap_write(3), cgiwrap_writef(3), cgiwrap_writevf(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver cgi/cgiwrap.h