cgiwrap_init_std man page

cgiwrap_init_std — Initialize cgiwrap with default functions


#include <cgi/cgiwrap.h>
void cgiwrap_init_std (int argc, char **argv, char **envp);


the arguments to main, namely argc/argv/envp


cgiwrap_init_std will initialize the cgiwrap subsystem to use the default CGI functions, ie getenv/putenv/stdio. In reality, all this is doing is setting up the data for the cgiwrap_iterenv() function.

Return Value


See Also

cgiwrap_iterenv(3), cgiwrap_putenv(3), cgiwrap_init_emu(3), cgiwrap_writef(3), cgiwrap_init_std(3), cgiwrap_writevf(3), cgiwrap_read(3), cgiwrap_write(3), cgiwrap_getenv

Referenced By

cgiwrap_getenv(3), cgiwrap_init_emu(3), cgiwrap_iterenv(3), cgiwrap_putenv(3), cgiwrap_read(3), cgiwrap_write(3), cgiwrap_writef(3), cgiwrap_writevf(3).

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