cgi_init - Man Page

Initialize ClearSilver CGI environment


#include <cgi/cgi.h>
NEOERR *cgi_init (CGI **cgi, HDF *hdf);


cgi - a pointer to a CGI pointer
hdf_file - the path to an HDF data set file that will also be
loaded into the dataset.  This will likely have to
a be a full path, as the HDF search paths are not
yet set up.  Certain things, like


cgi_init initializes the ClearSilver CGI environment, including creating the HDF data set.  It will then import  the standard CGI environment variables into that dataset, will parse the QUERY_STRING into the data set, and parse the HTTP_COOKIE into the data set.  Note that if the var xdisplay is in the form data, cgi_init will attempt to validate the value and launch the configured debugger on the CGI program.  These variables have to be specified in the hdf_file pointed to by hdf_file.  The default settings do not allow debugger launching for security reasons.

Return Value

cgi - an allocated CGI struct, including

See Also

cgi_debug_init(3), cgi_parse(3), cgi_destroy(3), cgi_js_escape(3), cgi_html_escape_strfunc(3), cgi_register_strfuncs(3), cgi_output(3), parse_rfc2388(3), cgi_url_validate(3), open_upload(3), cgi_cs_init(3), cgi_url_escape_more(3), cgi_html_strip_strfunc(3), cgi_neo_error(3), cgi_redirect(3), cgi_filehandle(3), cgi_register_parse_cb(3), cgi_url_escape(3), cgi_init(3), cgi_redirect_uri(3), cgi_cookie_clear(3), cgi_url_unescape(3), cgi_vredirect(3), cgi_display(3), cgi_html_ws_strip(3), cgi_error(3), cgi_cookie_set(3), cgi_text_html_strfunc(3), cgi_cookie_authority

Referenced By

cgi_cookie_authority(3), cgi_cookie_clear(3), cgi_cookie_set(3), cgi_cs_init(3), cgi_debug_init(3), cgi_destroy(3), cgi_display(3), cgi_error(3), cgi_filehandle(3), cgi_neo_error(3), cgi_output(3), cgi_parse(3), cgi_redirect(3), cgi_redirect_uri(3), cgi_register_parse_cb(3), cgi_url_escape(3), cgi_url_escape_more(3), cgi_url_unescape(3), cgi_url_validate(3), cgi_vredirect(3).

12 July 2007 ClearSilver cgi/cgi.h