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subroutine cgemlqt (SIDE, TRANS, M, N, K, MB, V, LDV, T, LDT, C, LDC, WORK, INFO)

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subroutine cgemlqt (character SIDE, character TRANS, integer M, integer N, integer K, integer MB, complex, dimension( ldv, * ) V, integer LDV, complex, dimension( ldt, * ) T, integer LDT, complex, dimension( ldc, * ) C, integer LDC, complex, dimension( * ) WORK, integer INFO)


CGEMLQT overwrites the general real M-by-N matrix C with

SIDE = 'L' SIDE = 'R' TRANS = 'N': Q C C Q TRANS = 'C': Q**H C C Q**H

where Q is a complex orthogonal matrix defined as the product of K elementary reflectors:

Q = H(1) H(2) . . . H(K) = I - V T V**H

generated using the compact WY representation as returned by CGELQT.

Q is of order M if SIDE = 'L' and of order N if SIDE = 'R'.  



          SIDE is CHARACTER*1
          = 'L': apply Q or Q**H from the Left;
          = 'R': apply Q or Q**H from the Right.


          TRANS is CHARACTER*1
          = 'N':  No transpose, apply Q;
          = 'C':  Transpose, apply Q**H.


          M is INTEGER
          The number of rows of the matrix C. M >= 0.


          N is INTEGER
          The number of columns of the matrix C. N >= 0.


          K is INTEGER
          The number of elementary reflectors whose product defines
          the matrix Q.
          If SIDE = 'L', M >= K >= 0;
          if SIDE = 'R', N >= K >= 0.


          MB is INTEGER
          The block size used for the storage of T.  K >= MB >= 1.
          This must be the same value of MB used to generate T
          in DGELQT.


          V is COMPLEX array, dimension
                               (LDV,M) if SIDE = 'L',
                               (LDV,N) if SIDE = 'R'
          The i-th row must contain the vector which defines the
          elementary reflector H(i), for i = 1,2,...,k, as returned by
          DGELQT in the first K rows of its array argument A.


          LDV is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array V. LDV >= max(1,K).


          T is COMPLEX array, dimension (LDT,K)
          The upper triangular factors of the block reflectors
          as returned by DGELQT, stored as a MB-by-K matrix.


          LDT is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array T.  LDT >= MB.


          C is COMPLEX array, dimension (LDC,N)
          On entry, the M-by-N matrix C.
          On exit, C is overwritten by Q C, Q**H C, C Q**H or C Q.


          LDC is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array C. LDC >= max(1,M).


          WORK is COMPLEX array. The dimension of
          WORK is N*MB if SIDE = 'L', or  M*MB if SIDE = 'R'.


          INFO is INTEGER
          = 0:  successful exit
          < 0:  if INFO = -i, the i-th argument had an illegal value

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