cdb_read - Man Page

read bytes from a constant database


#include <cdb.h>
#include <uint32.h>

int cdb_read(struct cdb *c,char *buf,unsigned long int len,uint32 position);


cdb_read reads len bytes starting at position from c to buf.  You can use cdb_datapos or cdb_keypos to get position and cdb_datalen and cdb_keylen to get len.

buf needs to point to a memory region large enough to hold len bytes.

Return Value

cdb_read returns 0 if everything went well, or -1 on error (setting errno appropriately.

See Also

cdb_find(3), cdb_init(3), cdb_free(3), cdbmake(1)

Referenced By

cdb_find(3), cdb_free(3), cdb_init(3).