cdb_find - Man Page

look up a key in a constant database


#include <cdb.h>
#include <uint32.h>

int cdb_find(struct cdb *c,char *key,unsigned long int keylen);
int cdb_datalen(struct cdb *c);
int cdb_datapos(struct cdb *c);
int cdb_findnext(struct cdb *c,char *key,unsigned long int keylen);


cdb_find looks for key. If cdb_find returns 0, the database does not contain that key; stop. If cdb_find returns -1, there was a read error; abort.

cdb_datalen returns the length of the data associated with the key.  Use it to allocate a pointer p with enough space to hold the data.

cdb_datapos returns the position of the data inside the file.  Use it as argument to cdb_read to retrieve the data.

There may be several records under a single key. You can use cdb_findnext to find the next record under this key.


static struct c;

if (cdb_find(&c,key,strlen(key)>0) {
 char *buf=alloca(cdb_datalen(&c));

See Also

cdb_read(3), cdb_init(3), cdb_free(3), cdbmake(1)

Referenced By

cdb_free(3), cdb_init(3), cdb_read(3).