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capng_have_capability - Man Page

check for specific capability


#include <cap-ng.h>

int capng_have_capability(capng_type_t which, unsigned int capability);


capng_have_capability will check the specified internal capabilities set to see if the specified capability is set. The capabilities sets must be previously setup with calls to capng_get_caps_process, capng_get_caps_fd, or in some other way setup. The values for which should be one of: CAPNG_EFFECTIVE, CAPNG_PERMITTED, CAPNG_INHERITABLE, CAPNG_BOUNDING_SET, or CAPNG_AMBIENT.

Return Value

This function will return 1 if yes and 0 otherwise.

See Also

capng_get_caps_process(3), capng_get_caps_fd(3), capng_have_capabilities(3), capabilities(7)


Steve Grubb

Referenced By


June 2009 Red Hat Libcap-ng API