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class SoBoundingBoxCache
The SoBoundingBoxCache class is used to cache bounding boxes.
class SoCache
The SoCache class is the superclass for all internal cache classes.

It organizes reference counting to make it possible to share cache instances. It also organizes a list of elements that will affect the cache. If any of the elements have changed since the cache was created, the cache is invalid. "

class SoConvexDataCache
The SoConvexDataCache class is used to cache convexified polygons.

SoConvexDataCache is used to speed up rendering of concave polygons by tessellating all polygons into triangles and storing the newly generated primitives in an internal cache. "

class SoGLCacheList
The SoGLCacheList class is used to store and manage OpenGL caches.
class SoGLRenderCache
The SoGLRenderCache class is used to cache OpenGL calls.
class SoNormalCache
The SoNormalCache class is used to hold cached normals.

As an extension to the original SGI Open Inventor v2.1 API, it is also possible to generate normals using this class. "

Detailed Description

The cache classes are internal to Coin. The Cache Classes The cache classes are mostly internal to Coin.


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