caca_conio_text_info.3caca man page

caca_conio_text_info — DOS text area information.  


Data Fields

unsigned char winleft
unsigned char wintop
unsigned char winright
unsigned char winbottom
unsigned char attribute
unsigned char normattr
unsigned char currmode
unsigned char screenheight
unsigned char screenwidth
unsigned char curx
unsigned char cury

Detailed Description

This structure stores text area information for the DOS conio.h compatibility layer.

Field Documentation

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::winleft

left window coordinate

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::wintop

top window coordinate

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::winright

right window coordinate

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::winbottom

bottom window coordinate

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::attribute

text attribute

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::normattr

normal attribute

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::currmode

current video mode: BW40, BW80, C40, C80, or C4350

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::screenheight

text screen's height

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::screenwidth

text screen's width

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::curx

x-coordinate in current window

unsigned char caca_conio_text_info::cury

y-coordinate in current window


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Referenced By

The man pages attribute.3caca(3), currmode.3caca(3), curx.3caca(3), cury.3caca(3), normattr.3caca(3), screenheight.3caca(3), screenwidth.3caca(3), winbottom.3caca(3), winleft.3caca(3), winright.3caca(3) and wintop.3caca(3) are aliases of caca_conio_text_info.3caca(3).

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