cCreate man page

cCreate — initialize a condition variable.


#include <util/ulocks.h>
NEOERR *cCreate(pthread_cond_t *cond);


cond - condition variable to initialize.


Initializes the condition variable <cond>.

MT-Level: Safe for unique <cond>.

See Also

mCreate(3), fCreate(3), mUnlock(3), fUnlock(3), cBroadcast(3), cSignal(3), fFind(3), cDestroy(3), cCreate(3), mDestroy(3), cWait(3), fLock(3), fDestroy(3), mLock

Referenced By

cBroadcast(3), cDestroy(3), cSignal(3), cWait(3), fCreate(3), fDestroy(3), fFind(3), fLock(3), fUnlock(3), mCreate(3), mDestroy(3), mLock(3), mUnlock(3).

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