buffer_mmapread - Man Page

create read-only memory-mapped file buffer


#include <buffer.h>

int buffer_mmapread(buffer &b,const char* filename);


buffer_mmapread opens filename for reading and fills b so that the contents of the file can be read from it.  Using mmap is more efficient than reading through a real buffer, but you have to call buffer_close to unmap the memory in the end.


 #include <buffer.h>
 #include <open.h>

 buffer input;
 char x;

 while (buffer_get(&input,&x,1)==1) {
   if (x=='\n') break;

Return Value

buffer_mmapread returns 0 if everything was fine, -1 on error (setting errno).

See Also

buffer_flush(3), buffer(3)

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