bson_iter_utf8 man page

bson_iter_utf8 ā€” bson_iter_utf8()


#define BSON_ITER_HOLDS_UTF8(iter) (bson_iter_type ((iter)) == BSON_TYPE_UTF8)

const char *
bson_iter_utf8 (const bson_iter_t *iter, uint32_t *length);



The bson_iter_utf8() function shall retrieve the contents of a BSON_TYPE_UTF8 element currently observed by iter.

It is invalid to call this function while observing an element other than BSON_TYPE_UTF8.


A UTF-8 encoded string that has not been modified or freed.

It is suggested that the caller validate the content is valid UTF-8 before using this in other places. That can be done by calling bson_utf8_validate() or validating the underlying bson_t before iterating it.

Note that not all drivers use multi-byte representation for \0 in UTF-8 encodings (commonly referred to as modified-UTF8). You probably want to take a look at the length field when marshaling to other runtimes.


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Nov 06, 2019 1.15.2 Libbson