bson_errors - Man Page

Handling Errors


Many libbson functions report errors by returning NULL or -1 and filling out a bson_error_t structure with an error domain, error code, and message.

Some error codes overlap with others; always check both the domain and code to determine the type of error.

BSON_ERROR_JSONBSON_JSON_ERROR_READ_CORRUPT_JS BSON_JSON_ERROR_READ_INVALID_PARAM BSON_JSON_ERROR_READ_CB_FAILUREbson_json_reader_t tried to parse invalid MongoDB Extended JSON. Tried to parse a valid JSON document that is invalid as MongoDBExtended JSON. An internal callback failure during JSON parsing.
BSON_ERROR_READERBSON_ERROR_READER_BADFDbson_json_reader_new_from_file() could not open the file.


MongoDB, Inc


Aug 17, 2023 1.24.3 libbson