bson_destroy_with_steal man page

bson_destroy_with_steal ā€” bson_destroy_with_steal()


uint8_t *
bson_destroy_with_steal (bson_t *bson, bool steal, uint32_t *length);



The bson_destroy_with_steal() function shall destroy a bson_t structure but return the underlying buffer instead of freeing it. If steal is false, this is equivalent to calling bson_destroy(). It is a programming error to call this function on a bson_t that is not a top-level bson_t, such as those initialized with bson_append_document_begin(), bson_append_array_begin(), and bson_writer_begin().

See also bson_steal, a higher-level function that efficiently transfers the contents of one bson_t to another.


bson_destroy_with_steal() shall return a buffer containing the contents of the bson_t if steal is non-zero. This should be freed with bson_free() when no longer in use. length will be set to the length of the bson document if non-NULL.


MongoDB, Inc


Feb 25, 2020 1.16.2 libbson