bson_append_regex man page

bson_append_regex — bson_append_regex()


bson_append_regex (bson_t *bson,
                   const char *key,
                   int key_length,
                   const char *regex,
                   const char *options);


  • bson: A bson_t.
  • key: An ASCII C string containing the name of the field.
  • key_length: The length of key in bytes, or -1 to determine the length with strlen().
  • regex: An ASCII string containing the regex.
  • options: An optional string containing the regex options as a string.


Appends a new field to bson of type BSON_TYPE_REGEX. regex should be the regex string. options should contain the options for the regex.

Valid characters for options include:

  • 'i' for case-insensitive.
  • 'm' for multiple matching.
  • 'x' for verbose mode.
  • 'l' to make w and W locale dependent.
  • 's' for dotall mode ('.' matches everything)
  • 'u' to make w and W match unicode.


true if the operation was applied successfully, otherwise false and bson should be discarded.


MongoDB, Inc


May 24, 2017 1.6.3 Libbson