brlapi_writeArguments_t - Man Page


#include <brlapi.h>

Data Fields

int displayNumber
unsigned int regionBegin
int regionSize
const char * text
int textSize
const unsigned char * andMask
const unsigned char * orMask
int cursor
const char * charset

Detailed Description

Structure containing arguments to be given to brlapi_write()

Field Documentation

const unsigned char* brlapi_writeArguments_t::andMask

And attributes; applied first

const char* brlapi_writeArguments_t::charset

Text charset. NULL means it is assumed to be 8bits, and the same as the server's. '' means current locale's charset. If no locale was selected, defaults to NULL's meaning.

int brlapi_writeArguments_t::cursor

BRLAPI_CURSOR_LEAVE == don't touch, BRLAPI_CURSOR_OFF == turn off, 1 = 1st char of display, ...

int brlapi_writeArguments_t::displayNumber

Display number BRLAPI_DISPLAY_DEFAULT == unspecified

const unsigned char* brlapi_writeArguments_t::orMask

Or attributes; applied after ANDing

unsigned int brlapi_writeArguments_t::regionBegin

Region of display to update, 1st character of display is 1

int brlapi_writeArguments_t::regionSize

Number of characters held in andMask and orMask. If negative, its absolute value is taken into account, and the output is padded or truncated to fill the rest of the display.

const char* brlapi_writeArguments_t::text

Text to display, must hold as many characters as the region fields expresses.

int brlapi_writeArguments_t::textSize

Size of text in bytes. If -1, strlen() is used for computing it.


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