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Miscellaneous functions



int BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_pause (int timeout_ms)
int BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi__pause (brlapi_handle_t *handle, int timeout_ms)

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int BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi__pause (brlapi_handle_t * handle, int timeout_ms)

int BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_pause (int timeout_ms)

Waits until an event is received from the BrlAPI server


timeout_ms specifies an optional timeout which can be zero for polling, or -1 for infinite wait


0 on timeout, -1 on error, or on interruption by a signal or a parameter change notification, in which case brlapi_errno will be BRLAPI_ERROR_LIBCERR and errno will be EINTR.


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The man pages brlapi__pause(3) and brlapi_pause(3) are aliases of brlapi_misc(3).

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