brlapi_clientData - Man Page

Setting and getting client data



void BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_setClientData (void *data)
void BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi__setClientData (brlapi_handle_t *handle, void *data)
void *BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_getClientData (void)
void *BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi__getClientData (brlapi_handle_t *handle)

Detailed Description

Clients can register a pointer to data that can then be used e.g. in exception handlers.

Function Documentation

void *BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi__getClientData (brlapi_handle_t * handle)

void BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi__setClientData (brlapi_handle_t * handle, void * data)

void *BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_getClientData (void)

Retrieves the pointer to the private client data


the pointer to the private client data

void BRLAPI_STDCALL brlapi_setClientData (void * data)

Register a pointer to client data


data The pointer to the private client data


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Referenced By

The man pages brlapi__getClientData(3), brlapi_getClientData(3), brlapi__setClientData(3) and brlapi_setClientData(3) are aliases of brlapi_clientData(3).

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