auparse_set_eoe_timeout - Man Page

set the end of event timeout value


#include <auparse.h>

int auparse_set_eoe_timeout(time_t new_tmo)


auparse_set_eoe_timeout is used to set the end of event timeout value (seconds). The value should be a positive integer. If this function is called, it overrides any setting in /etc/auditd.conf. The function should be called after the auparse_init() function call.

For details on the timeout, see the end_of_event_timeout configuration item description in auditd.conf(5).

Return Value

Returns -1 if an error occurs; otherwise, 0 for success.

See Also

auparse_init(3). auditd.conf(8).


Steve Grubb


January 2021 Red Hat Linux Audit API