audit_set_backlog_wait_time - Man Page

Set the audit backlog wait time


#include <libaudit.h>

int audit_set_backlog_wait_time(int fd, uint32_t bwt);


audit_set_backlog_wait_time sets the time that the kernel will wait before attempting to send more audit events to be transferred to the audit daemon when the backlog_limit is reached. This gives the audit daemon a chance to drain the kernel queue. The default value is 60000 or 60 * HZ setting in the kernel.

Return Value

The return value is <= 0 on error, otherwise it is the netlink sequence id number. This function can have any error that sendto would encounter.

See Also

audit_set_backlog_limit(3), audit_open(3), auditd(8), auditctl(8).


Steve Grubb


Oct 2014 Linux Audit API