atsc_table_vct - Man Page

ATSC VCT table (covers both CVCT and TVCT)


#include <vct.h>

Data Fields

struct dvb_table_header header
uint8_t protocol_version
uint8_t num_channels_in_section
struct atsc_table_vct_channel * channel
struct dvb_desc * descriptor

Detailed Description

ATSC VCT table (covers both CVCT and TVCT)


header struct dvb_table_header content
protocol_version protocol version
num_channels_in_section num channels in section
channel pointer to struct channel
descriptor pointer to struct descriptor

Everything after atsc_table_vct::channel (including it) won't be bit-mapped to the data parsed from the MPEG TS. So, metadata are added there

Definition at line 168 of file vct.h.

Field Documentation

struct atsc_table_vct_channel* atsc_table_vct::channel

Definition at line 174 of file vct.h.

struct dvb_desc* atsc_table_vct::descriptor

Definition at line 175 of file vct.h.

struct dvb_table_header atsc_table_vct::header

Definition at line 169 of file vct.h.

uint8_t atsc_table_vct::num_channels_in_section

Definition at line 172 of file vct.h.

uint8_t atsc_table_vct::protocol_version

Definition at line 170 of file vct.h.


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