atsc_table_eit_desc_length - Man Page

ATSC EIT descriptor length.


#include <atsc_eit.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t bitfield
struct {
  uint16_t desc_length:12
  uint16_t reserved:4

Detailed Description

ATSC EIT descriptor length.


desc_length descriptor length

This structure is used to store the original ATSC EIT event table, converting the integer fields to the CPU endianness, and converting the timestamps to a way that it is better handled on Linux.

The undocumented parameters are used only internally by the API and/or are fields that are reserved. They shouldn't be used, as they may change on future API releases.

Definition at line 121 of file atsc_eit.h.

Field Documentation

struct  { ... }  atsc_table_eit_desc_length

uint16_t atsc_table_eit_desc_length::bitfield

Definition at line 122 of file atsc_eit.h.

uint16_t atsc_table_eit_desc_length::desc_length

Definition at line 124 of file atsc_eit.h.

uint16_t atsc_table_eit_desc_length::reserved

Definition at line 125 of file atsc_eit.h.


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