ason_asprint - Man Page

Convert ason_t values to strings.


#include <ason/ason.h>
#include <ason/print.h>

char *ason_asprint(ason_t *value);
char *ason_asprint_unicode(ason_t *value);


ason_asprint converts a value of type ason_t into a human readable textual ASON representation. ason_asprint_unicode is the same, except the returned type is always UTF-8 encoded, and makes full use of the character set, whereas ason_asprint endeavors to be locale-safe.

Return Value

All functions should always return a valid pointer to char *.

See Also

ason(3) ason_values(3)


Casey Dahlin <>

Referenced By


The man page ason_asprint_unicode(3) is an alias of ason_asprint(3).

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