array_fail man page

array_fail — switch array to have failed


#include <array.h>

void array_fail(array* x);

 array x;


If x is allocated, array_fail frees the region that x points to, and switches x to have failed.

If x is unallocated, array_fail simply switches x to have failed.

If x has already failed, array_fail has no effect.

See Also

array_allocate(3), array_reset(3)

Referenced By

array(3), array_allocate(3), array_bytes(3), array_cat(3), array_cat0(3), array_catb(3), array_cate(3), array_cats(3), array_cats0(3), array_equal(3), array_get(3), array_length(3), array_reset(3), array_start(3), array_trunc(3), array_truncate(3).