ares_set_local_dev - Man Page

Bind to a specific network device when creating sockets.


#include <ares.h>

void ares_set_local_dev(ares_channel channel, const char* local_dev_name)


The ares_set_local_dev function causes all future sockets to be bound to this device with SO_BINDTODEVICE.  This forces communications to go over a certain interface, which can be useful on multi-homed machines. This option is only supported on Linux, and root privileges are required for the option to work.  If SO_BINDTODEVICE is not supported or the setsocktop call fails (probably because of permissions), the error is silently ignored.

See Also

ares_set_local_ip4(3) ares_set_local_ip6(3)


This function was added in c-ares 1.7.4


Ben Greear


30 June 2010