ares_destroy - Man Page

Destroy a resolver channel


#include <ares.h>

void ares_destroy(ares_channel channel)


The ares_destroy(3) function destroys the name service channel identified by channel, freeing all memory and closing all sockets used by the channel.

ares_destroy(3) invokes the callbacks for each pending query on the channel, passing a status of ARES_EDESTRUCTION. These calls give the callbacks a chance to clean up any state which might have been stored in their arguments. A callback must not add new requests to a channel being destroyed.

See Also

ares_init(3), ares_cancel(3)


Greg Hudson, MIT Information Systems
Copyright 1998 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Referenced By

ares_cancel(3), ares_dup(3), ares_getaddrinfo(3), ares_gethostbyaddr(3), ares_gethostbyname(3), ares_getnameinfo(3), ares_init(3), ares_init_options(3), ares_query(3), ares_search(3), ares_send(3).

7 December 2004