archive_write_header - Man Page

functions for creating archives


Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive)


#include <archive.h>

archive_write_header(struct archive *, struct archive_entry *);


Build and write a header using the data in the provided struct archive_entry structure. See archive_entry(3) for information on creating and populating struct archive_entry objects.

Return Values

This function returns ARCHIVE_OK on success, or one of the following on error: ARCHIVE_RETRY for operations that might succeed if retried, ARCHIVE_WARN for unusual conditions that do not prevent further operations, and ARCHIVE_FATAL for serious errors that make remaining operations impossible.


Detailed error codes and textual descriptions are available from the archive_errno() and archive_error_string() functions.

See Also

tar(1), archive_write_set_options(3), libarchive(3), cpio(5), mtree(5), tar(5)

Referenced By

archive_read_extract(3), archive_util(3), archive_write(3).

February 2, 2012