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API Implementation functions



pANTLR3_BASE_RECOGNIZER Base Recognizer Implementation
pANTLR3_RECOGNIZER_SHARED_STATE - Recognizer Shared State Implementation
pANTLR3_BITSET - Bitset Implementation
pANTLR3_TOKEN_FACTORY - Token Factory Implementation
pANTLR3_COMMON_TOKEN - Common Token Implementation
pANTLR3_EXCEPTION - Exception Implementation
pANTLR3_HASH_BUCKET - Hash Table Bucket Implementation
pANTLR3_HASH_ENTRY - Hash Table Entry Implementation
pANTLR3_HASH_ENUM - Hash Table Enumerator Implementation
pANTLR3_HASH_TABLE - Hash Table Implementation
pANTLR3_LIST - List Implementation
pANTLR3_VECTOR_FACTORY - Vector Factory Implementation
pANTLR3_VECTOR - Vector Implementation
pANTLR3_STACK - Stack Implementation
pANTLR3_INPUT_STREAM - Input Stream Implementation
pANTLR3_LEX_STATE - Lexer State Implementation
pANTLR3_STRING_FACTORY - String Factory Implementation
pANTLR3_STRING - String Implementation
pANTLR3_TOKEN_SOURCE - Token Source Implementation
pANTLR3_TOKEN_STREAM - Token Stream Implementation
pANTLR3_COMMON_TOKEN_STREAM - Common Token Implementation
pANTLR3_CYCLIC_DFA - Cyclic DFA Implementation
pANTLR3_LEXER - Lexer Implementation
pANTLR3_PARSER - Parser Implementation
pANTLR3_BASE_TREE - Base Tree Implementation
pANTLR3_COMMON_TREE - Common Tree Implementation
pANTLR3_ARBORETUM - Tree Factory Implementation
pANTLR3_PARSE_TREE - Parse Tree Implementation
pANTLR3_TREE_NODE_STREAM - Tree Node Stream Implementation
pANTLR3_COMMON_TREE_NODE_STREAM - Common Tree Node Stream Implementation
pANTLR3_TREE_WALK_STATE - Tree Walk State Implementation
pANTLR3_BASE_TREE_ADAPTOR - Base Tree Adaptor Implementation
pANTLR3_COMMON_TREE_ADAPTOR - Common Tree Adaptor Implementation
pANTLR3_TREE_PARSER - Tree ParserImplementation
pANTLR3_INT_TRIE - Trie Implementation
pANTLR3_REWRITE_RULE_ELEMENT_STREAM - Token Rewrite Stream Implementation
pANTLR3_DEBUG_EVENT_LISTENER - Debugger Implementation

Detailed Description

API implementation functions are the default implementation of each of the methods in a particular typedef structure.

They are generally grouped together in the same source code file. For instance the default implementations of the methods contained by a pANTLR3_BASE_RECOGNIZER will be found in the file antlr3baserecognizer.c

A source file that provides the default implementations of functions will usually also supply the public (exported from the .DLL or code library) 'constructor' functions that create and initialize the typedef structure that they implement. For instance, in the antlr3baserecognizer.c file, you will find the function antlr3BaseRecognizerNew()


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