alpm_interface man page

alpm_interface — Functions to initialize and release libalpm.  



alpm_handle_t * alpm_initialize (const char *root, const char *dbpath, alpm_errno_t *err)
Initializes the library.
int alpm_release (alpm_handle_t *myhandle)
Release the library.

Detailed Description

Functions to initialize and release libalpm.

Function Documentation

alpm_handle_t* alpm_initialize (const char * root, const char * dbpath, alpm_errno_t * err)

Initializes the library. Creates handle, connects to database and creates lockfile. This must be called before any other functions are called.


root the root path for all filesystem operations
dbpath the absolute path to the libalpm database
err an optional variable to hold any error return codes


a context handle on success, NULL on error, err will be set if provided

References alpm_list_add().

int alpm_release (alpm_handle_t * myhandle)

Release the library. Disconnects from the database, removes handle and lockfile This should be the last alpm call you make. After this returns, handle should be considered invalid and cannot be reused in any way.


myhandle the context handle


0 on success, -1 on error

References alpm_unregister_all_syncdbs().


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