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allegro_init - Man Page

Macro to initialise the Allegro library.


#include <allegro.h>

int allegro_init();


Macro which initialises the Allegro library. This is the same thing as calling install_allegro(SYSTEM_AUTODETECT, &errno, atexit).

See Also

install_allegro(3), allegro_exit(3)

Referenced By

allegro_exit(3), allegro_message(3), check_cpu(3), cpu_capabilities(3), cpu_family(3), cpu_model(3), cpu_vendor(3), ex12bit(3), ex3buf(3), ex3d(3), exaccel(3), exalpha(3), exbitmap(3), exblend(3), excamera(3), excolmap(3), exconfig(3), excustom(3), exdata(3), exdbuf(3), exexedat(3), exfixed(3), exflame(3), exflip(3), exfont(3), exgui(3), exhello(3), exjoy(3), exkeys(3), exlights(3), exmem(3), exmidi(3), exmouse(3), expackf(3), expal(3), expat(3), exquat(3), exrgbhsv(3), exrotscl(3), exsample(3), exscale(3), exscn3d(3), exscroll(3), exshade(3), exspline(3), exsprite(3), exstars(3), exstream(3), exswitch(3), exsyscur(3), extimer(3), extrans(3), extrans2(3), extruec(3), exunicod(3), exupdate(3), exxfade(3), exzbuf(3), install_allegro(3), os_type(3), set_uformat(3).

version 4.4.3 Allegro manual