al_ustr_assign_substr man page

al_ustr_assign_substr — Allegro 5 API


#include <allegro5/allegro.h>

bool al_ustr_assign_substr(ALLEGRO_USTR *us1, const ALLEGRO_USTR *us2,
   int start_pos, int end_pos)


Overwrite the string us1 with the contents of us2 in the byte interval [start_pos, end_pos). The end points will be clamped to the bounds of us2.

Usually you will first have to use al_ustr_offset(3) to find the byte offsets.

Returns true on success, false on error.

See Also

al_ustr_assign(3), al_ustr_assign_cstr(3)

Referenced By

al_ustr_assign(3), al_ustr_assign_cstr(3).

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